KOLs promotion
We offer to boost your IDO or Vested Sale via KOLs promotion. Our marketing team would be happy to assist your token sale or any update in attracting high-vetted KOLs with zero management fee
Service provided by trusted partner:
Promotion channels:
If you want to take a look at our list of KOLs you can check 30 random KOLs from our shortlist of 200 KOLs: link here
Increasing demand for the project: attracting traffic not only based on our platform but also from the VC. Plus, creating healthy demand in the secondary market positively impacts other startups' metrics
Why do you have to consider using this service?
We use a sophisticated scoring analysis for selecting influencers not only based on the actual view/price per view ratio
Our model considers the content's quality, the influencer's geography, comment analysis, and growth trends. Plus, we use third-party services for subscriber reality analysis. We're also constantly communicating with projects and exchanging KOLs performance dates. It allows us to select the most effective KOLs
You won't need to be involved in the process on any steps: our manager fully supports the transaction, from the confirmation of KOLs to the approval of the final content and the formation of the final report
After forming the content plan, we coordinate the KOLs sheet and the price for them with the project, and the project can change or remove the KOLs
X3-X4 Times cheaper
We have an ongoing partnership with KOLs, which allows us to get about 30-50% discounts compared to direct partnership negotiations. Because of the payment mixup of 50% in tokens and 50% in stables, the final price for publications turns out to be x3-4 times cheaper
How does the process structure?
We settle a budget and escrow the deposit on the TruePNL account
The influencer manager of TruePNL publishes the application in a special KOL’s chat plus attracts the best KOLs if they don't respond to the request
We select the best KOLs: on average, we receive up to 100 applications from KOLs, but we select only the top 30% of them
We create a content plan with the complete list of KOLs, number of integrations and prices
Approve a list of people with the project (the list is subject to change at this point)
Signing contracts with KOLs and arranging payment
Writing a brief for KOLs (the project can give the information it would like to have in the video)
Receive content, review and confirm that all details are considered according to the brief
Content is published in accordance with the deadline
Form the final report for the project
How long will it take?
from $ 6 500
pre-paid 75%
Advisory Package
Should allocate $6.5k-$26k in stables + same amount worth in tokens which would be fully paid to KOLs. TruePNL would charge no management fee
KOLs promotion