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Leading expertise in the Web3 Industry, proven by existed products and services within various niches from smart contracts to growth hacking.
We packaged the essence of our Team and Partners experience into flexible Service Packages and Products which will help your project to reach new heights and explore hidden capabilities that you had never thought of before.
Service Packages
Marketing Service
PR service
General Advisory Service
Customer Experience
Growth hacking
Motion Design
Legal Services
Security Audit
More Development Services
Fundraise Assistance
Whitepaper and Deck review to meet common VCs and Launchpads requirements
Team Assessment
Media channels and community assessment
Direct introductions to VCs
Only if the project meets the certain level of maturity and requiremnents
Technical Assistance
Token and Vesting smartcontracts development.
Claiming Dashboard for the Public and Private investors development
Listing procccess technical provision
Listing Assistance
Direct introduction to DEXes teams (Pangolin, Trader Joe, etc.)
Only if the projects meets the certain level of maturity and requiremnents
Direct introduction to DEXes teams (Pangolin, Trader Joe, etc.)
Only if the projects meets the certain level of...
Business Development
Direct introductions to Technical Partners and Industry Majors
Direct pitch to Technical Partners and Industry Majors
More Development Services
Performance marketing
Partners development
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Support & account management
Market overview (stats, rules & trends)
General actors overview & stats
General insights
Marketing Plan
Products x Marketing milestones identification & planning
Brand, communication & semantic aspects
Concept plan on products/services-specific marketing actions
Concept plan on Discord communication
BI Custom Setup
BI like Google Analytics, Tableau, Power BI, Splunk etc.
Custom dashboards
Support & advising on installation & operating
Traffic managment Regional Networks
Audit of Analytics System (BI)
Audit of current data infrastructure
Audit of current dashboards & reports quality
Audit of current BI solutions & it's setup quality
One-pager with conclusions & recomendations
Marketing Plan Execution
Execution of premade Marketing Plan
Market Research
Market overview
Actors overview
Detailed market cases
Detailed insights
Personalized recomendation for client
Paid ADS Management
Traffic management Facebook
Traffic management Google Ads
Traffic management CPA networks
Traffic management Regional Networks
SMM Management
Twitter (up too 2 accounts, 3 tweets per day, 25 comments per day, unlimited retweets)
Discord (1 account)
Instagram (up too 2 accounts, no content creation, 25 comments per day)
Analytics support
3 hours of current BI review
3 new reports
Setting up of 3 old reports
More Development Services
Tech Startups Packages
Feature, Interview or Press Release

330-600M+ Monthly Traffic
2-3 weeks Turnaround Time
Crypto Packages
Feature or Interview

180-750M+ Monthly Traffic
1,5-4 weeks Turnaround Time
Finance Packages
Feature or Interview

550-850M+ Monthly Traffic
2-4 weeks Turnaround Time
Press-Release Packages
Press Release

630-820M+ Monthly Traffic
2-3 business days Turnaround Time
More Development Services
Smart Contract Audit

Analyze decentralized application’s smart contracts and the overall operation with static code analysis, dynamic analysis, and manual review...
Service provided by trusted partner:
Service provided by trusted partner:
Service provided by trusted partner:
Analyze decentralized application’s smart contracts and the...
Decentralized Application Security Consulting

Provide consultation from design to development of decentralized applications, resolving both technical and business issues with professional...
Digital Assets Investment Security Consulting

Provide consultation to investment funds and high-net-worth individuals on the security of DeFi projects and earning opportunities in...
Provide consultation to investment...
More Development Services
Product audit
Expert customer journey analysis, interface solutions and TOV to increase conversion and user satisfaction
Starting From 4 business days
Product research
User experience deep-dive expert analysis to find solutions for product development
Starting From 15 Business days
Brand performance
assessment via social
Operational assessment of brand strength and audience's attitude to it based on the unique technology of natural language analysis in the
Operational assessment of brand strength and...
Users segmentation
Analysis of the user audience structure by behavior, attitudes and profile characteristics to
identify target segments, planning targeted...

Key opinion leaders selection
Formation of a list of opinion leaders relevant for further cooperation
Starting from 8 business days
KOLs effectiveness assessement

Evaluation of the involved opinion leaders in terms of communication effectiveness in order to
refine the list for subsequent activities and / or adapt the communication format

Starting from 15 business days
Identification of trends in the category of interest, the level of interest in them and the growth rate of this
interest from the point of view of consumers and / or activity of competitors, in order to be...
More Development Services
Company Logotype
Company Deck
Design Guides
Social Media Branding
Promo branding
Special Projects
User Experience (UX)
CJM as-is \ CJM to-be
User Interface (UI)
Web design
Infrastructure Design
Game interface Design
More Development Services
To Be Announced
More Development Services
Motion Design
Trailers and Teasers
Video Ads \ Banners
Promo Movies
More Development Services
Growth Hacking
3000-10000+ messages
1600+ twits or comments
60+ promotions in other crypto-related groups
More Development Services
GameFi Core is an on-chain SAAS set of services that allows customers to create a fast and high quality GameFi DAPP, Metaverse or NFT Game, or even place an existing Web2 gaming project on Web3 rails with native ERC-721, ERC-1155, ERC-20 token supportThere is no design without discipline. There is no discipline without intelligence.
Token Vesting Solution provides all-in-one on-chain vesting service w/o any web3 developing resources.
Support Module For Native Token Standards (ERC-20, ERC-721, ERC-1155)
High-level API
NFT Marketplace Module
Lootbox Engine
30+ wallet integrations supported
5+ supported DAO Scenarios
For EVM-Compatible Blockchains
40 vesting contracts are live
Fully decentralized
Merkle Tree support for Employers
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