Growth Hacking
Our unique approach to growth hacking allows you to choose between quantitative and qualitative results, where a highly integrative shilling approach allows you to customize the behavior and mood of the community and maintain the necessary agenda outside the contour of the company's social networks
*These quantitative indicators can be a commitment only if the client has a marketing plan or content plan with sufficient milestones.
500-3000 messages (split between channels)*
3000-10000 messages (split between channels/groups)*
Basic analytics with raw datasheet
Perception Adjustment
Profiles Behavior Adjustment
600-1600 tweets or comments on relevant content*
Perception Adjustment
Up to 15 profiles. If the client wants more, the prices can be adjusted
200-600 tweets or comments on other tweets*
Up to 30 allocated profiles, more profiles can be added under agreement with the client
Advanced analytics with raw datasheet
UniFi analytics experts are ready to suggest how to effectively get the analysis of shilling indicators and may prepare personal dashboards based on your request
Examples of quality shilling:
Project Planning Stage
Project Execution Stage
Controlling & Monitoring
Growth hacking packages are only available at fixed monthly prices
How long will it take?
$ 5 500
pre-paid 100%
Fixed Price
$ 11 000
pre-paid 100%
Fixed Price
UniFi adheres to the establishment of long-term partnerships yielding tangible value and will consider renumeration in the form of native project digital assets
Pay up to 20% of the order with your project’s digital assets
The framework of Marketing Advising services includes the following services provided by highly qualified specialists in their respective areas of expertise:
The service is provided in the form of consulting hours packages and can be used with other services within the paid package at the Customer’s discretion
Specialists on the project:
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